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We Offer a Wide Variety of Managed IT Services


Though our experienced engineers we provide rapid transfer and sheltered re positioning of IT equipment without unnecessary disruptions and complications.

Global Deployments

Our team of experts have extensive experience in deploying Desktops, Servers and Network devices across the Globe. We can help you with planning and execution so that it provides you with greater savings as well as fast execution.

Site surveys & Installation

We perform site surveys followed by the installation of IT devices for our customers across the globe with the help of our experienced service delivery team.

Break Fix

We provide break fix services to our customers. We have resources for short term tasks as well as long term contract based break fix. Our break fix services cover both End Users and Data Centers.

IT Asset Disposal Services

We provide IT Asset Disposal Services, we are a trusted company when it comes to decommissioning IT assets, we make sure that all data is erased permanently from all devices.

Stock Inventory and Audits

We provide services for stock inventory and audits around the world for our clients. We have been providing this service to our customers following their defined parameters.

Resource on SLA

Need a resource in 4 hours? We can help with that across EMEA, APAC & Americas. We will work with you to put in place a robust system that ensures techs on site on short notice, mitigating issues in the shortest possible time.

24×7 International IT Maintenance

Our traditional break-fix maintenance service offers a cost effective, consistent and reliable solution. We understand that many IT departments face resource and budget constraints and managers don’t always have the time to think about reactive, onsite maintenance.

Asset Disposal and Destruction

Do you have old hardware that needs to be disposed/destroyed? We can help you with all your disposal needs. We also provide peace-of-mind disposal of any hardware which may carry any data. Using industry standard tools, services and procedures to securely wipe sensitive data to make recovery impossible.

Retail Support

Our technical team can minimize downtime, to keep you always operational. We support all kinds of installations from Footfall counters, EPOS, Desktop, Servers, Switches, UPS and more. When required, engineers on side are available on demand to ensure exceptional customer experience.

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